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X-Posted with permission from BiNet USA News and Opinions: News, Essays and Editorials by & for America's Bisexual Community (on LJ as binetusa)

Quick Hits: this is what Biphobia looks likeObviously quite a few people are really taking the concept of being an "April Fool" to heart this year. Now gay.com one of THE Most Popular online men's personals, chat and social networking sites in the United States decided to post an "Op-Ed" piece in their 'Hot Topics' section entitled "Can Guys Actually Be Bisexual?" And you'll NEVER Guess what they concluded . . . they can't!

Here area couple of gems from the piece:

So what do we make of these guys who define themselves as bi? Are they really fooling themselves as they screw their way down the path to gayhood . . . where men are concerned, if you're having sex with a guy, chances are there's a part of you that's in denial and only time will tell when you'll finally come around to that realization
and then there is this

Women on the other hand are more emotionally driven than men and can, I believe, be bisexual . . . There's something more casual about a woman playing both sides of the field
But you might be saying, after all it's gay.com, men don't actually go to the site for INTELLECTUAL stimulation, so why should we care what they say?

  • becasue the author is not just some random dude spouting off, he is Ari Bendersky, a reasonably well credentialed journalist and should know better
  • becasue a LOT of men log on, including some who are just stating to explore their sexual identity show up and poke around. And this is a place where they form their ideas about the different kinds of people who make up the LGBT Community and, more importantly, how they should treat them
  • and becasue it's the right thing to do
  • -- so do it.

    Here's where to voice your opinions:
    1. submit an Incident Report to GLAAD and ask them to please live up to their mission to defend the LGBT Community against all hate-mongering
    2. post your own Comments about the article, many people repudiating the silly biphobic and sexist remarks can help mitigate their bad example
    3. and if you're feeling especially moved send a complaint to abuse@gay.com and "cc" it to their parent company abuse@planetout.com -- yes sad but true PlanetOut!

    and again many thanks to the good people at Queers United for noticing the article and doing something about it.

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    25th Jun, 2009 17:35 (UTC)
    Was there any fallout from that article? The misconceptions about bisexuality need to be corrected one incident at a time!
    25th Jun, 2009 17:58 (UTC)
    a LOT of people wrote in and reported them to GLAAD but as far as I know in this particular case there was never any comment from the Author or the Website
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