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We're Still Here We're Still Queer and We've Always Been There

Wondering how to respond to your LGBT colleagues who say that Bisexual/Pansexual people, while reaping many of the benefits of the movement for Queer equality are (in Robyn Ochs' great description of what so many of our allies mistakenly think), trying to "muscle and whine our way into their movement, riding on the coattails of their hard-fought battles"? These are two articles you can give them to read:

  1. from Bisexual Movements

  2. Brenda Howard, the mother of Pride Celebrations

Here is one tidbit we just learned:

"the vice president of the Society for Human Rights, the first known male homophile organization in the United States (established in Chicago in 1924), was bisexual and married. He had to keep his bisexuality a secret, however, as the group denied membership to bisexuals, believing that they would be less committed to the cause."

plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose . . . sigh

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