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[Bangalore, India]: Info-Activism Camp 19-25 February 2009

Bialogue is passing along this listing we recieved about this interesting sounding Conference and the NGO that is proposing to put this on.

Struggling to make an impact on your target audience? Are issues unresolved despite your best efforts? Do the internet, mobile phones or information design present exciting possibilities in advocacy but difficult to take advantage of? The Info Activism Camp, to be held in Bangalore, India from February 19 to 25 2009, offers rights advocates the chance to make a greater impact in their work.

The seven-day camp, organized by Tactical Technology Collective helps advocates to make the best use of information, communication and digital technologies to achieve their objectives.

The first-ever international camp on info activism will feature 120 participants, picked through a competitive selection process, and who will not only learn but also share skills and techniques to aid in the process of advocacy.

Workshops, group discussions, interactive sessions and live demos, which to a large extent will evolve from participants' proposals, are all part of the one-week programme. Info-Activism is a compelling approach to launch campaigns and bring issues to light. The camp presents a great opportunity for rights advocates to enhance their skills.

If you want to learn more about the camp, please go to The Info-Activism Camp - February 2009, India

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