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Hey People Did You Know E! Has Decided Your Very Existence Is Subject To An On-line Poll?

Yes once again some more people have decided it would be just SO totally FUNNY to take a vote to figure out if Bisexual people actually exist!

Originally noticed by thefayth and blogged by her on "Keeping The Fayth" in her post Vote! On Bisexuality! where she say "So . . . now E! has a poll on bisexuality, please go vote! I'd feel a lot better about stirring the pot if 20% of respondents hadn't said "Not a chance, it's a stop on the way to homoville". . .", "celebrity journalist" Bruce Bibby who sometimes writes under the pen-name Ted Casablanca has asked Bi Now, Gay Later? Do you think true bisexuality actually exists? And to add insult to injury he goes on to give as the only possible choices:

o Not a chance, it's a stop on the way to homoville.
o Sure, I'm a little Anne Heche. I've experimented with both sexes.
o Angelina Jolie dabbled with a woman and found her way to Brad Pitt. Works for me.

or as "out & proud" Sheela Lambert notes ". . . there is one for haters and two for heteroflexible girls. I don't want to sign up as either an experimenter or dating a girl until I meet the right guy. I have been out as bi for over 30 years and have dated both guys, women and transgender people"

Matt Goodman, the Executive Director of Dallas/Ft Worth BiNet (DFW BiNet) is even less amused by it all and writes: E! Online is conducting a Poll on whether Bisexuality truly exists. This is a pathetic excuse at trying to get public attention. I personally am outraged at this.

Ted Casablanca is a biphobic *!?$!. Asking whether bisexuals exist is like asking if biracial people exist. This is insulting, degrading and his poll is based in hate and misinformation. If Bisexual People do not exist, then how am I alive? Last time I check I am a Bisexual Man . . . I personally think that E! Online should remove this poll from their website. Please write to E! Online and tell them What you think."

If you too are less than thrilled that E! Online and its parent company Comcast thinks that it's OK for their employees to make a joke out of biphobia, prejudice and bigotry don't just complain on LJ, instead please take action and make your voice heard.

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