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BREAKING NEWS: E!'s Ted Casablanca Comes Out as just a misunderstood Bi Man

AND THEN E! Online's popular gossip columnist Ted Casablanca goes on to call GLAAD (the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) "McCarthy-like"!!!!!

AND THEN he proceeds to further pout, whine and stamps his feet (metaphorically speaking) about how mean and unfair it is that people somehow OBJECTED to being made the (*ahem*) But, of his sophomoric, biphobic jokes.

I KID YOU NOT! Read here: Morninig Piss: Angelina, What Hath You Wrought?

[Not quite sure what is going on? Read the back-story about the bisexual community's adventures with Entertainment Television's Ted Casablanca here: Hey People Did You Know E! Has Decided Your Very Existence Is Subject To An On-line Poll?]

Doesn't he think just a simple "oops, my bad - guess in retrospect that joke did come out sounding QUITE the way I meant" would have sufficed???

Wow! Just Wow! I know actual Big Homies (translation: Street Gang Leaders) who have more class, are more secure in themselves and have better manners than him. It takes a real small-minded person to insist on his right to make fun of a misunderstood minority group.

and PS I don't know WHERE all those "many readers" who wrote in saying "they loved the highly ironic poll" are, but the awful truth is that as of now in the 160+ and climbing "Comments" left on his original "Bi Now, Gay Later? Do you think true bisexuality actually exists?" Poll, NOT EVEN ONE of them is supportive or thinks he was anything but Wrong and Offensive.

But in all seriousness people, this is just ridiculous. Mr. Bruce Bibby an out Gay Man who reports under the 'pen name' of "Ted Casablanca" is a wildly popular celebrity and infotainment journalist for E! Online which according to those in the know averages 5 million hits a day. And his TV show is most popular on their cable channel and is shown in dozens of countries.

He has an opportunity to provide a little harmless fun to many people at a time when the news coming off of CNN and other "hard news" outlets can be unrelentingly grim, while at the same time using his position to gently spread a little truth and awareness amid his lighter pieces.

As any writer or comedian can tell you, sometimes a joke falls flat. And sometimes what was meant as an ironic or harmless off-the-cuff remark can come across as something totally different and even hurtful.

When that happens in our own private live or on the world stage, a classy guy steps up and says "You know? I screwed up. That didn't come out right at all and I'm sorry if it caused hurt to some people.". And then we all move on from there.

Too bad Mr. Bibby couldn't see his way clear to do the same. Instead he had to make disparaging remarks about GLAAD one of the most important, hard working and respected institutions in the LGBT and Progressive Communities.

As what one wit kindly but truthfully called "the poor bastard child of the gay rights community", Bisexual and Pansexual people are used to being disrespected by the ignorant and uniformed in both the straight and queer worlds. But for a powerful person like Mr. Bibby to go after GLAAD because they stuck up for us? That not truthful, it's just awful.

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