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and appears to have just grouped together (among others) bisexual people, androgynous people, devil worshippers and people who like cats . . . characterizing all as "folk defined by 'odd' sexual practices"

1.) Please read column (but be warned . . . . don't have breakable object at hand or impressionable tots who you might not want to hear all the swear words you are bound to say, she seems a bit of a nutter)

It's not me. It's you
As a lesbian, I no longer want to be lumped in with a list of folk defined by 'odd' sexual practices
by Julie Bindel in The Guardian, Saturday November 8 2008

2.) Write to the author:

o via email at julie.bindel@guardian.co.uk
o or register (it free!) and complain online (as we have here)

The problem is, Ms. Bindel has managed to insult SO many people all in one article (cat fanciers? she doesn't like cat fanciers? is she SURE she's a lesbian?) it confusing as to what to say first!

But you may want to point out to her that it was primarily genderqueer people (of colour!) who rioted at Stonewall et. al. and that the Post-Stonewall LGBT leader who started the custom of having Pride Events that we now all celebrate annually world-wide was an out bisexual woman.

So actually it is more OUR movement and perhaps SHE may wish to leave if we offend her so much?

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9th May, 2009 13:02 (UTC)
Juie Bindel is suffering from BRSS - Bindel Raymond Stein Syndrome
In ordet to undetstand Julie Bindel you have to remember that she didn't identify as a lesbian until well after puberty wehn she first got sa whiff of the estrogenic phemerones of tother lesbians.
Since then her constant oral sex has ingested so much estrogen that homeopathically her body has transformed into testosterone until now she resembles the 1970 East German Shot Putters facially and has a considerable stiffened up bady but unknown to her or perhaps unacknoweldged this testosterone has been masculinising her brain until nowshe thinks like a bloke and naturally like a pedophilic bloke which is perhaps why she is so vocal about the few (but far too many pedos) in society. This condition is known as Malignant Pedophilia and is exactly the same as the Malignant Bisexuality that casued such as Roy Cohn to denounce homosexuals during the McCarthy era while beinga closet home himself..he ws outed by dying of Aids.