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[20] Bisexual, Fluid & Pansexual Icons

02 14 19
Icon: Bisexual - Butterfly in Bisexual Pride Colours Icon: Fluid - Merman Icon: Pansexual - detail  of Statue of Pan Playing Flute (France)

01 02 03 04 05
Icon: Bisexual Pride - Two African Traditional Symbols Icon: Bisexual - Butterfly in Bisexual Pride Colours Icon: Bisexual Pride - Latina Dancer Icon: Vote with the Bisexual Pride Flag Background Icon: Bisexual Pride - Love Is Love Same Sex Marriage Matters
06 07 08 09 10
Icon: Bisexual Pride - African Woman Dancing Icon: Having Our Cake and Eating It Too - Bisexuals Exist Icon: I Go Both Ways in the Bisexual Pride Colours Icon: I LOVE Being Bisexual Icon: Polyamorous Symbol with Bisexual Pride Colours
11 12 13 14 15
Icon: Audre Lorde Quote 'Your silence will not protect you' on Bisexual Pride Background Icon: Bisexuality It's The Real Thing Icon: Fluid Detail of  Nereides by Gaston Bussiere Icon: Fluid - Merman Icon: Fluid - White Haired Mermaid
16 17 18 19 20
Icon: Pansexual - Pan by Thalia Took Icon: Pansexual - Detail of Pan Playing Pipes Icon: Pansexual - Detail of Statue 'The daughter of Pan' by Roland Hinton Perry Icon: Pansexual - detail  of Statue of Pan Playing Flute (France) Icon: UNITY - Keep the 'T' in LGBT Support a Trans-inclusive ENDA

♥ Credit is nice - to nyabn (New York Area Bisexual Network) please
♥ Comments are always welcome - such as what did you take? why did you like that one?
♥ Please don't hotlink - we are poor non-profits *smile*
♥ You can use them as bases if you wish (but not sure it will work with these)

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20th Apr, 2009 23:09 (UTC)
Lovely! I'm taking 13 and 18, will credit!
20th Apr, 2009 23:28 (UTC)
wonderful and thank you so much for telling us which ones you like, it's always interesting to know

did you notice they are both details from classical works of the late 19th and early 20th century? on a lot of browsers when you run your cursor over them the actual attributions will come up
20th Apr, 2009 23:29 (UTC)
Yes I did notice! And that's one thing I especially liked about them. :)
20th Apr, 2009 23:36 (UTC)
Oh yes, I see - just noticed YOUR Userpics, LOL!

Isn't it annoying when you see a great icon made from something and it has changed hands so many times you can't find any info the maker put in on it's origins so you can't go see more of their works?
20th Apr, 2009 23:38 (UTC)
True, that. I have some such icons saved on my computer, but not in my LJ, not sure if I should use them LOL
20th Apr, 2009 23:46 (UTC)
I saw someone who has solved that problem by mentioning that they don't know who they were made by or what they came form and asking for people to tell them, in their Userpic Comments Field
20th Apr, 2009 23:46 (UTC)
And that makes total sense. :)
20th Apr, 2009 23:49 (UTC)
I thought so too *smile*