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[USA] So who will represent the B in LGBT at the 2010 White House Pride Reception?

It will be on the evening of Tuesday June 22nd beginning at 5 PM and invitations, which were mailed last week should already have been received.

The White House Washington DC USA: Logo 2010Will the hard-working members of the boards of our national organizations including American Institute of Bisexuality (AIB), BiNet USA or Bisexual Resource Center (BRC) be there?

Will our openly bisexual elected officials such as Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown, New York State Representative Micah Z. Kellner, Arizona State Senator Kyrsten Sinema and Newark Delaware City Councilman Ezra J Temko be there?

Surely in a time of war they would not forget our veterans, so maybe after working for 2/3 of his lifetime for the cause of all GLBT and disabled veterans someone would remember to invite Cliff Arnesen currently the president of the New England GLBT Veterans. How about our community's esteemed thinkers and activists such as Lani Kaahumanu, Dr. Loraine Hutchins or Robyn Ochs? How about our political activists, perhaps after over 60 years of working to advance the cause of freedom for all maybe Zoe Nicholson will be there and will finally get to have that personal chat with the president?

Maybe they've invited Amy Andre the out bisexual woman who is actually running San Francisco Pride this year. And surely with the concern the 1st family has shown for our nation's children they would have remembered to invite Bisexual-Queer activist Chloe Noble who with her partner walked across America to bring attention to the problem of homeless LGBT Youth.

Or perhaps they have invited our artists and writers including our recent winners of the Lambda Literary Awards, our Filmmakers, our Actors and Actresses, our Photographers, our Musicians, our Painters and lets not forget our Journalists, will they be there? Were they among those invited?

So please tell us. Don't keep us in suspense. I'm sure we are all anxious to know. Who has been invited to represent all of US at the White House this year?

Did your invitation unaccountably get lost in the mail? Hmm, very strange, so did ours.

Well you could try contacting the White House and reminding them of the "B" in LGBT. Or maybe next time you have some volunteer hours or donation dollars, you could consider putting it towards the people who are Actually Representing You instead of those who simply including you as a politically correct initial and then forget you the rest of the time. Just a thought.

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