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[USA]: Its tough growing up whether youre Gay Lesbian Trans or What???

We're giving the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus an "A for Effort" but only an "F for Execution" after they put out their own variation of a "It Gets Better Video":

that unfortunately included the spectacle of freshman Representative David Cicilline (D-RI) prattling on about how it will get better "If you are Gay, Lesbian, Transgender or just Not Sure"

"Not Sure"? So, to the official LGBT Caucus of the Congress of the United States the entire Bisexual Community has disappeared and been replaced with "Not Sure"?

Now it does seem as if the members of the LGBT Equality Caucus were:

(1) simply relating personal experiences of coming out as Gay Men and Lesbian Women and
(2) only one of them, newly minted US Congressman Cicilline from Rhodes Island not only pulled a complete "Perry" and didn't remember what that pesky uh, uh "B" in LGBTQ was for and instead turned us all from LGBTQ to LG_TQ and ... umm ... err ... "NS"?

However as Arizona Bisexual Activist Halina Reed said, "Growing up, I KNEW I was bisexual, but CONVINCED myself I wasn't sure thanks to people like this."

So . . . in addition to leaving comments on their YouTube Video, can we suggest that we all write directly to him and (kindly & politely) let him know that there are actually Bisexual People who are "Sure".

Contact Congressman Cicilline's Staffer Jessica Lemos email: jessica.lemos (at) mail (dot) house (dot) gov phone: 202-225-4911. People from Congressman Cicilline's district can email him directly.

and if you wish you can also "cc" the LGBT Caucus, (nicely - remember they meant well) pointing out what happened, suggesting a better eye to more inclusive editing and (them being politicians and all) explaining that the Bisexual Community actually Volunteers, Donates and Votes!

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