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“Totally Gay” is Totally Biphobic!

The extremely un-fabulous Luke Foster, in VUE Weekly, wrote the following in Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about being gay (but were too damned fabulous to ask):
My take on bisexuality is quite simple. In my opinion, it doesn’t exist . . . . Bisexuality, to me, is more of a prolonged experimentation period . . . at the end, if you’re in a relationship with one person, aren’t you either just gay or straight?
Read the full article for context and then DON'T just complain on LJ, instead take action by actually writing a letter to the author and editors including:this article is X-posted from those truly Ab Fab people at Bisexual Resource Center (and you all Do have their RSS feed on your "friends list" so you can keep up with the latest Bi News & Info . . .  right?).
Once again there are great discussions and actual action being taken on this topic all over the web! In particular see bisexual, bi_people, bipolypagangeek, queerdammit and of course queer_rage.