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Once again a self-proclaimed "expert" has pronounced that bi men dont exist.  Woody Miller of the Washington Blade is the latest.  Quote:  "Most people think we fall into three categories: gay, straight or lying. In all probability, your friend is the third of the three." 

See full article here:  http://www.washblade.com/2006/10-0/eclipsemag/need/need.cfm

We urge you to write a "letter to the editor" informing them exactly what you think of Miller's opinions.

Posted below is a copy of the letter sent by Bialogue's Sheela Lambert.

It seems like every so often yet another gay or straight “expert” pronounces that bisexual people don’t exist. Or at the very least, that bisexual men don’t exist. It’s very funny to us in the bi community whenever we hear this pronouncement. In fact, in my bisexual discussion group that has been running for over 12 years, we are always complaining there are too many men. Why are you monosexuals so freaked out that some people can actually love and lust after people of more than one gender?

I’m sure that the thousands of people who attend the hundreds of bisexual discussion, support, social or activist groups and conferences in this country and participate in the hundreds of bi e-lists would find your column very amusing.