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[Bi Magazine]: important new research report on bisexuality from BiUK

As reported in Bi Magazine, on February 15th, 2012 BiUK, a British based umbrella organization for various bisexuality research projects and events, in collaboration with the Open University (OU) has just released "The Bisexuality Report: Bisexual inclusion in LGBT equality and diversity" (pdf).

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[Baltimore MD]: Bisexual/Pansexual & Queer-identified Organizing Day at Creating Change 2012

Don't miss the 3rd Annual Bisexual, Fluid, Pansexual and otherwise & Queer-identified Organizing Day at this year's Creating Change Conference in Baltimore MD USA on Thursday January 26th 2012

3rd Annual Bisexual, Fluid, Pansexual & Queer-identified Organizing Day at Creating Change 2012 in Baltimre MD

Come meet, network, brainstorm and strategize with other activists (and friends) from around the region, country and world.

Bisexuality it's the real thing

[USA]: Bisexual Softball Players, a Cautionary Tale

When someone is tempted to ask "why should we bother to mention bisexual people (or as recently happened biphobia) separately? Everyone knows that when you say 'Gay' it really means the entire LGBTQ+ spectrum", it may be useful to point out the sad, humiliating and ultimately expensive saga of the 2008 North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance's "Gay Softball World Series".

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[USA]: Its tough growing up whether youre Gay Lesbian Trans or What???

We're giving the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus an "A for Effort" but only an "F for Execution" after they put out their own variation of a "It Gets Better Video":

that unfortunately included the spectacle of freshman Representative David Cicilline (D-RI) prattling on about how it will get better "If you are Gay, Lesbian, Transgender or just Not Sure"

"Not Sure"? So, to the official LGBT Caucus of the Congress of the United States the entire Bisexual Community has disappeared and been replaced with "Not Sure"?

Now it does seem as if the members of the LGBT Equality Caucus were:

(1) simply relating personal experiences of coming out as Gay Men and Lesbian Women and
(2) only one of them, newly minted US Congressman Cicilline from Rhodes Island not only pulled a complete "Perry" and didn't remember what that pesky uh, uh "B" in LGBTQ was for and instead turned us all from LGBTQ to LG_TQ and ... umm ... err ... "NS"?

However as Arizona Bisexual Activist Halina Reed said, "Growing up, I KNEW I was bisexual, but CONVINCED myself I wasn't sure thanks to people like this."

So . . . in addition to leaving comments on their YouTube Video, can we suggest that we all write directly to him and (kindly & politely) let him know that there are actually Bisexual People who are "Sure".

Contact Congressman Cicilline's Staffer Jessica Lemos email: jessica.lemos (at) mail (dot) house (dot) gov phone: 202-225-4911. People from Congressman Cicilline's district can email him directly.

and if you wish you can also "cc" the LGBT Caucus, (nicely - remember they meant well) pointing out what happened, suggesting a better eye to more inclusive editing and (them being politicians and all) explaining that the Bisexual Community actually Volunteers, Donates and Votes!

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Bisexuality it's the real thing

Quick Hits: hey Salon, did you know that this is what Biphobia looks like?

"A minority group has 'arrived' only when it has the right to produce some fools and scoundrels without the entire group paying for it." ~Carl T. Rowan
The usually evenhanded online magazine Salon has taken the low road with a column title that is both rather misleading as to contents as well as being (unintentionally we presume) biphobic.

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Hula Dancer

thoughts from Lani Ka’ahumanu: the 2011 White House LGBT Pride Reception - Getting there . . .

Lani Ka’ahumanu bisexual educator, organizer, strategist, author and co-founder of the San Francisco Bay Area Bisexual Network invited her old friend and colleague Kuwaza Imara to be her guest at the White House festivities and policy briefing on June 29th. Kuwaza is from Oakland CA and actively in the SEIU Lavender Caucus, Pride at Work, the AFL-CIO GLTB labor group and the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association.

LGBT Pride Month Policy Briefing -- Insights and commentary coming
Personal note: I will be writing my experience and insights at much greater length. I intended to today, but am choosing to go see an old friend and lover who lives in DC and who just finished her chemo therapy. Please do stay tuned and be assured that this little cab driver story is only the beginning of the grand adventure and I will tell all… Thanks for understanding, I appreciate it. xo

2011 White House LGBT Pride Reception: Getting there . . .
Kuwaza and I caught a cab at Dupont Circle. The White House was a short mile and a half ride from the SEIU Building where I’d changed clothes and picked up the two flower leis I had sent from Hawai’i. We had a quick stop at a Radio Shack beforehand as Kuwaza needed to purchase a chip for his camera. I waited in the cab with the driver who asked, “What is the celebration was about?”1994 Pride Parade grand marshal Lani Ka'ahamanu with her daughter. Photo: Rick Gerharter from The Bay Area Reporter

When I told him it was the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Reception he said “Oh that’s right, there‘s been a lot of gay things going on this month.”

Our conversation was relaxed, and sincere. When he inquired, “How does it work?” I understood what he meant - how does it work without a man in the picture?

“I’m bisexual. I fall in love with a person – love is love. The quickest way to understand bisexuality is that it’s about the electricity not the plumbing.”

I thought he was going to fall out of the cab laughing. It was a deep joyful appreciative belly laugh. “That’s right!” he said, “It’s the chemistry.”

He went on to say that when he arrived from Bangladesh a couple years ago he had a hard time with gay people; he didn’t understand or like the idea. But now that he’s been around so many they are just like everyone else. “Yep, we’re in this together,” I replied, “and if anything is going to change we have to work together.” He agreed, but said he’d met some gay people who are not very nice.

I shot back that, “I understood. I’ve met many heterosexuals who are not very nice.”

“Yes of course,” he said laughing, “of course.”

As Kuwaza and I got out of the cab I told him to remember what I’d said. Smiling he assured me he “would not forget.” “Perfect,” I said, “then please make sure to relay that information to people who sound confused about bisexuality.”

More to come . . . Policy Briefing, Dan Savage, VP Biden, the Ladies Room, Bisexual Hapa buttons, flower lei for Obama, confronting the top lesbian in the White House, and post-White House strategies to name a few topics . . .

Bisexuality it's the real thing

[NYC] Bi activist try to reach out to Dan Savage about his biphobia

Ron Suresha the well know author and anthologist of books centering on gay and bisexual men's subcultures, particularly the Bear community and his husband Rocco came down from their new home in the "mountains" of Connecticut to attend the NYC Pride March last Sunday June 29th. Their mission was to try to meet and speak with well know gay sex columnist Dan Savage who was being honored as one of the grand marshal's.

Sadly, it wasn't a social call.

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Audre Lorde, Silence

On Bisexuals and “Hetero Privilege”

I've seen bisexual friends, whose lives were heteronormative in every way, lose their jobs because they came out as bisexual at work. Just because you've got the opposite sex partner/spouse, the house, the kids and the traditional gender presentation doesn't mean that heteroprivilege can't be pulled out from underneath you at any time like a rug.

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